About Us

Rock Wool Manufacturing Company™ was founded in 1943 to manufacture residential blowing wool insulation. In the early 1950’s we expanded into the industrial insulation market producing mineral wool boards and insulating cements. Rock Wool Manufacturing Company™ continued to grow with the industrial market and moved into high temperature pipe insulation fabrication in 1988.

Rock Wool Manufacturing Company™ has always been committed to providing the best possible customer service. In keeping with this, we have spent the past year upgrading our pipe insulation facilities. Rock Wool Manufacturing Company™ now has greater pipe insulation production capacity and offers more product choices than ever before. What this all means for you is faster lead times and greater flexibility in product lines to meet your growing needs. With the ability to provide Delta® Board, Metal Mesh Blankets, Sound Attenuation Board, Lamella, and Delta® Pipe Insulation.

Rock Wool provides products for Industrial, Commercial, Marine and Residential Markets.

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