Rock Wool Manufacturing Company was founded in 1943 to manufacture residential blowing wool insulation. In the early 1950s we expanded into the industrial insulation market, producing mineral wool boards and insulating cements. Rock Wool Manufacturing Company continued to grow with the industrial market and moved into high-temperature pipe insulation fabrication in 1988.

To this day, Rock Wool Manufacturing Company stays committed to growing to meet the needs of the high-temperature insulation market, whether those needs are an industrial, commercial, residential, or marine application.

At Rock Wool Manufacturing Company, we’re especially proud of our customer service. You’ll always get a real person on the phone, and we’re happy to answer any question about technical specifications. Because our people are involved at every step of the process, we can offer the customizations you or your customers need—both with our products and our packaging. Our lead times are typically 3-5 days, and we’ll ship truckloads or LTLs to anywhere in the county.

How and when you need it, from real people you can talk to.