DELTA® Deck Plugs

DELTA Deck Plugs are precision-cut from noncombustible UL classified high-density mineral fiber DELTA Board using our patented V-grooving technology to facilitate compression into the fluted profile of metal decks encountered at top-of-wall joints. DELTA Deck Plugs are available in three (3) standard sizes to closely match the profiles of the most frequently specified metal decks:

For Top-Of-Wall @ Roof Deck Joints:

Type I Profile: 1.5” thick x3.5”x4.5”x36” long
Type V Profile: 1.5” thick x4.5”x5.5”x36” long

For Top-Of-Wall @ Floor Deck Joints:

Type III Profile: 3.0” thick x 5.0”x7.0”x36” long